If you have decided to put your home on the market, you likely have two objectives. First, you’d like it to sell in the shortest amount of time possible. Second, you’d like to maximize your investment and sell it for as much as possible. But today’s buyers are more discerning and discriminating. If they are confronted with a house for sale that’s empty, it can put them in an uncomfortable frame of mind.

But a first impression, a good one, is key. The first few seconds when a buyer walks into a home are critical.  If they are faced with a space that’s confidently designed and walks the line between comfort and sophistication, it can take their breath away.

That’s why home staging services have transitioned from an optional feature to an absolute necessity. The right luxury home stager has the ability to maximize every square foot within a home and create a tantalizing vision. When done correctly, a potential buyer can see themselves in the home, building endless memories throughout the years. Once that emotional connection is forged, they’re likely to make a high offer, and make it quickly.

With 15 years of interior design experience, Andreas Elsenhans is the clear choice to provide staging for your house. He’s able to expand the footprint of the home, efficiently show a buyer the value they receive, and do so with taste and style. By maintaining an evolving inventory of furniture, rugs, plants, lighting, and other accessories, Andreas can create a space that’s captivating, stylish, and desirable.

For more information, or to begin the staging process, contact us today or check out or interior design website.

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