What’s your dream home? Odds are that even if you can’t quite articulate it, you would know it if you set foot in it.

For some, it’s a luxurious penthouse, right in the midst of the hustle and energy of the city. For others, it could be a coastal oasis, a place to soak in the serenity of the Pacific. You might dream of a modern architectural marvel, designed with the cutting edge of design in mind. Your tastes might lean more towards the traditional, and an estate filled with tasteful antiques is your idea of paradise.

What if you know precisely what you want? Then it’s a matter of working with a Realtor that listens, understands your desires and will work tirelessly to find precisely the home you have in mind. But suppose you can’t fully explain what you want? Your time is valuable, and you have better things to do than endlessly tour houses. You need a Realtor that’s perceptive, one who can determine what you truly want and find it the first time out.

In life, time is fleeting and our days are limited. You can spend your time endlessly searching for just the right house. You can settle and try to live with the inevitable pangs of disappointment. Or you can simply work with Andreas Elsenhans. With 15 years of interior design experience, over $3 billion in sales, and a team with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Andreas is the only choice for discerning clients. Years spent in Europe have proven to him the value of first class service, and a lifetime of appreciating culture and style has given him an uncanny knack for locating just the right house for just the right person.

Your dream house is waiting for you. Let Andreas help you find it. Contact us today to get started.