What comes to mind when you picture ‘Beverly Hills’? Is it a lavish, wealthy lifestyle? Or maybe the iconic Weezer song, ‘Beverly Hills’? Whatever you’re picturing, this famous area of Southern California nestled just down under West Hollywood certainly has a reputation for being ‘The place to be,’ as Weezer puts it in their song. In fact, Beverly Hills is probably one of the most famous cities in the United States, known for things like expensive stores, fabulous restaurants and beautiful, famous people. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the action?

Connecting You With The Right Luxury Home

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To assist your transition in moving out to the Beverly Hills area, let’s take a look at a few things you should know about this fabulous area.

Getting Familiar With Each Area

Beverly Hills proper is actually a fairly small town of about 35,000 residents. It is divided by Sunset Boulevard where the streetcars once ran years ago, in which some locals still refer to the different areas as ‘north or south of the tracks.’ North of Sunset Boulevard is known as ‘The Flats,’ and the level neighborhood leading to the foothills is known as the Santa Monica Mountains. When you’re south of the tracks, you’re in downtown Beverly Hills.

Roots Run Deep

Due to the arguably superficial nature of this high-class Southern California area, no one typically thinks of Beverly Hills as a close-knit, family-oriented town. And yet, plenty of kids grow up, go to Beverly Hills High School, and develop the same lifelong friendships just like any other town in the United States. While life is, perhaps, a little more complicated living up to Beverly Hills’ reputation, many things are more or less normal for long-time residents out here.

Exercising In The Flats

This area is well-known for people’s love of exercise, and that shines when you’re in The Flats. The Beverly Gardens Park features an extended greenway that meanders along the northern edge of Santa Monica Boulevard, as well as a gravel path that’s perfect for walking or jogging. If you’re a distance runner, you can weave into and around The Flats in order to lengthen your route.

The Golden Triangle

This area refers to downtown Beverly Hills, featuring a bustling business district. However, not everything here is entirely glitz and glamour – to its residents, the city center is functional and useful. Featuring the Beverly Hills Dog Park and weekly Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market, there are a number of services available for locals that remind you this is an actual place of living, not just a place to shop or fine dine.

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There’s a lot more to this wonderful area than what we just covered, but take comfort in the fact that Andreas Elsenhans can help you find the perfect dream home in Beverly Hills by using his luxury real estate expertise and knowledge. Take the next step by getting in touch with Andreas today.

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