Los Angeles is a very well-known metropolis around the United States, and even people around the world tend to think of two different cities when they consider the U.S: New York City and Los Angeles. Due to the widespread popularity of this bustling and glamorous region, there have been a number of myths propagated about Los Angeles throughout time. Well, in today’s blog post from Andreas Elsenhans, we’re going to debunk some of these more common myths about Los Angeles.

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Myth: Everyone Works In The Entertainment Industry

It’s an understandable myth seeing as Hollywood is out here, but plenty of people in Los Angeles work in other industries like the finance, marketing, technology, and banking industries. Traditionally, the number one industry in Los Angeles has been manufacturing, but that has been overtaken by health care and retail in recent years as manufacturing jobs have been cut. Despite these cuts, Los Angeles is still the largest manufacturing center in the United States, with the entertainment industry actually ranking at about the 6th.

Myth: Los Angeles Is All Concrete

While the ‘urban-jungle’ vibe of DTLA might have people believing that Los Angeles is entirely composed of concrete, that’s just silly. In fact, visitors of Los Angeles are often surprised by L.A.’s tree-lined streets and frequent parks and green patches – Griffith Park spans over an impressive 4,000 acres of green within the city limits.

Also, the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains provide a picturesque green backdrop for the city all the way to the beach. Even the inner-city of Los Angeles is made up of sprawling neighborhoods of single-family homes and small apartment buildings with little patches of lawn and trees. Overall, there’s more green here than you might think!

Myth: There’s 24/7 Traffic In Los Angeles

While navigating the highways of Southern California isn’t always ideal, it’s not always that bad, either. All things considered, driving in Los Angeles is usually pretty straightforward. Most streets are laid out in a grid fashion with a few notable curves and angles – few areas have tricky one-way streets, with downtown areas being the main exception. The freeways are reasonably well marked, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re attentive in order to continue driving down the correct freeway. Just pay close attention to where you’re going and you should do just fine down here.

Myth: Everything Is Expensive In L.A.

While there are plenty of costly things available to do in L.A. (expect overly pricey cocktails in Hollywood), there are also plenty of budget-friendly chain hotels, hostels, wallet-friendly diners and ethnic restaurants as well as a ton of free attractions. Ultimately, Los Angeles is what you make it out to be, and there’s a great price range that complements whatever your style is.

Myth: It’s Always Smoggy In L.A.

This tends to be one of the most common myths about Los Angeles If you visit L.A. during the summer or the fall, especially during Santa Ana wind conditions or with wildfires raging, then you might run into some smog over L.A., but it is not as bad as it used to be. During the winter and spring seasons, Los Angeles actually has plenty of clear, blue sky days. The beach areas are also less smoggy all year long. When it comes to the smog, here’s an informal rule of thumb: if you’re looking down on an orange-brown haze when you fly into the city, be prepared for smog. However, if you can see the ground from the air, or the cloud coverage is white, then you can breathe easy.

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