The Los Angeles area just seems to be where all the action and exciting energy is. Whether you’re a movie star, professional sports athlete or hilarious entertainer, people are constantly raving about Southern California as the place to be. Just what is it exactly that makes this place so special?

Could it be the convenient beach access, or perhaps L.A.’s proximity to Hollywood? Maybe the consistent sunny weather is also to blame. Whatever it is, the simple fact of the matter is that many high-profile, refined individuals call this place home (or one of their homes, that is). If you’re interested in living and experiencing the upscale qualities of the Los Angeles lifestyle, the luxury realty services of Andreas Elsenhans and Sam Branco Realty are here for you. We’re dedicated to providing you with dedicated, personally-tailored and world-class high-end real estate solutions in the greater Los Angeles area. Follow us below to discover more about what makes this area so special!

Sunny Days

We briefly mentioned the weather above, and it’s so consistently sunny and calm here in Southern California that it’s worth highlighting. In most areas of the United States, you’ll see dynamic temperature shifts and weather fluctuations in places like the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, the Midwest, and so forth. While on the coastline of California, Los Angeles seems to be resistant to stormy weather, allowing countless days of sunshine. Studies have shown that sufficient exposure to the sunshine makes us happier, more productive, and live more fulfilling lives.

Proximity to Other Great Places

If you travel in any direction from the Los Angeles area, you’re going to either hit the beautiful nearby snow-capped mountains, the beach, the desert, or Disneyland, and that’s just a few of the places that you can hit with a relatively short drive. We understand if you don’t even want to leave Los Angeles once you’re here, but if you want to venture back out into the unknown, there are quite a few notable destinations not far from you.

We Have the Best Entertainment

Here’s another reason why Los Angeles is the place to be – are there any bands or musicians that you enjoy? What about any comedians, journalists, authors, directors, movie stars, and so forth? If you’re a fan of something or someone, the chances are almost guaranteed that you’ll have a chance to go and check it out in person. With Hollywood near the area, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles is so rife with the entertainment industry.

Movie Stars Means Safer Neighborhoods

While Los Angeles is quite a large city, especially for those from smaller towns, it is divided and broken up into many smaller areas that all have their own small-town feeling. Due to the presence of so many movie stars and high-profile individuals, many gated, safe neighbors are here to provide its residents with beautiful ocean and stunning city skyline views, all within the comfort and convenience of being at home. Without being too far from downtown, your neighborhood area has the suburban vibe without being inconveniently far from all the action.

Did We Mention That There’s Everything Here?

That’s right. In most other cities or towns, there might be a good 5-10 things that make that area unique, interesting, or worth spending time in. However, in Los Angeles, multiply that by at least ten and that’s what you have going on in L.A. Beyond entertainment, this area holds some of the best restaurants in the world, the latest in fashion and design, and an extensive network of natural areas to visit around the city. Where else can you go on a hike, visit the Red Carpet, and have your food made personally by Wolfgang Puck, all in one day? There’s just nothing else like Los Angeles.

So, are you packing your bags yet? Clearly, this is the place to be. Andreas Elsenhans and the team at Sam Branco Realty are thrilled to have you out here and experience the magic that is Los Angeles. Get in touch with our high-end real estate services today to experience luxury properties in California.

Come Experience The Lush L.A. Life!