Ah, Hollywood – as the creators of film content that millions upon millions of people have come to know and love (or become downright obsessed with), this seemingly magical place in Southern California definitely draws a lot of media and public attention every single day. With all of this attention comes a number of myths and misconceptions that are, to say the least, untrue. While Hollywood undoubtedly has its myriad of untold secrets kept within those in the entertainment industry, we figured that it would be interesting to take a look at a few Hollywood myths in today’s blog post.

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And now, let’s get to those Hollywood myths.

Huge Box Office Hits Make A Ton Of Money

You might think that this is the case, but it’s not necessarily true. For example, this year, Spider-Man: Homecoming made $333.1 million domestically on a $175 million budget. Not bad, right? Well, the truth is that major movies need to make at least twice its production budget just to break even. Marketing costs added about $140 million to the production of this Spider-Man flick, and domestic theaters have the cut of the revenue generated.

So, even if a major film appears to be wildly popular and successful, it might actually pan out to be quite the loss for film studios.

Rotten Tomatoes Is Ruining Hollywood

Directors like Martin Scorsese have identified this film critic aggregation site as “hostile to serious filmmakers.” While everyone is open to their opinions about the blunt harshness of movie critics, it’s not like people have stopped seeing films or buying movie tickets. Indeed, Rotten Tomatoes has been online since 1998, so it’s really up to the consumer to dive into reviews to see if the movie they’re going for is actually that bad. Besides, there’s something to be said about seeing a film with an open mind and forming one’s own opinions.

The Industry Only Hires Attractive People

There’s no doubt that being perceived as “attractive” is advantageous here in Southern California, and in life in general. That being said, acting skills and talents come in people all of different types and walks of life, so no, you do not have to look a certain way just to get into a major movie – to fill a specific role, perhaps, but otherwise, anyone who can act well with any appearance is just fine.

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