Put simply, if you enjoy consistently beautiful weather and living close to where many things are happening, you really can’t beat Los Angeles. This area of Southern California is particularly known for those qualities in addition to a wealth of benefits that draw people from around the world down to Orange County. Oh, and you’re just in luck – with the high-end real estate expertise of Andreas Elsenhans and the Aaron Kirkman Partners team at your side, you have the connection to find your dream home in West Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, and many other desirable areas to live around the SoCal metropolis that is L.A.

To learn more about the refined style and elegance of how Andreas approaches high-end real estate, visit here. Now, let’s take a good look at some of the many reasons why you need to make your way down to Los Angeles and be part of this incredible place to live.

Healthy Living

Do you pride yourself on eating clean, staying fit, or just living a healthy lifestyle in general? If so, good for you! The Los Angeles area is very complementary to a health-conscious lifestyle – swing your yoga mat in any direction and chances are that you’ll hit a yogi or a yoga studio with it. Are you more of a Crossfit person? There’s many options for you, as well as a network of beautiful natural trails.

The point is, L.A. is the kind of place that encourages anything new and healthy, which is pretty typical for most of the West Coast. So, when you’re patronizing that juice bar around the corner for your organic juice fix or shopping at yet another convenient farmer’s market nearby, there’s something down here for every health-conscious resident.

Casual Attitudes

When you get here, depending on where you’re from, you’ll probably notice the laid-back West Coast-style attitude. This relaxed vibe seems to prevail everywhere around the city regardless of where you work, shop or spend the majority of your time. We like to think that the calm and level-headed energy down here is positively infectious to those who move down here, especially coming from the constant hustle-and-bustle of the East Coast.

The dress code is also casual – people frequently go to work in jeans a t-shirt – the same outfit that they would wear to hit the hottest bars. So if you don’t want to dress fancy all of the time, there’s no pressure. In spite of this laid-back attitude, however, people in L.A. do manage to dress nicely, because after all, this beautiful area is home to very influential fashion designers and apparel manufacturers.


If spending late nights out at bars and restaurants is your type of deal, then you’ll absolutely love it out here. Each area in L.A., like Hollywood or Beverly Hills, has its own flavor of fun, so to speak. West Hollywood is particularly notable as a lively area with a lot of young people. Indeed, music fans might get lucky and catch big, well-known national bands playing low-key, smaller clubs like Whisky A Go Go, The Rainbow, and Troubadour. And if you don’t luck out, guess what – you’re in Los Angeles! Every artist tours through this area. And by every artist, we really mean every single artist. Oh, and a side note: if you’re a fan of classic cocktails like a properly made Manhattan or Old Fashioned and you appreciate the art deco aesthetic, then trust us when we say that you will fall in love with downtown L.A. (DTLA).

Arts and Culture

There’s something for everyone here in Southern California, partially due to the wealth of diversity. L.A. County is home to 100 museums ranging from fine art to dinosaur bone exhibits and everything in between. Large music venues like the Disney Concert Hall, the ever-popular Hollywood Bowl, and the Greek Theatre all offer the constant opportunity to see world-class acts. For something really special, we recommend checking out the Getty Center, one of the world’s largest art organizations and a favorite museum among locals. You won’t regret it!

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