We found it difficult to fit all of the awesome things about Los Angeles into one blog post, so here we are dedicating yet another post to the amazing qualities of L.A.! There are countless reasons why so many people make their way out to this amazing place beyond the sunny days, nearby mountains and energetic locals. While the city offers so many fun and exciting things to do, you’ll also find some of the best, world-class real estate in the world right here in Southern California!

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We’re going to continue looking at more things that naturally draw people out here to Los Angeles. Don’t forget to check out the Beverly Hills real estate services of Andreas here!

Beautiful Southern California Beaches

Naturally, we had to include this as one of the primary attractions to the area. In fact, one of the first things that people typically take advantage of after moving down here is venturing to a local beach. Indeed, beaches here are just perfect for doing things like running, walking, cycling, volleyball, surfing or just relaxing and enjoying the ever-flawless weather. We can’t vouch for how crowded these spots will be, Malibu Beach is known for celebrity sightings, Venice Beach for standard people watching and Manhattan Beach as a great surf spot.

You’ll Find Brilliant Minds Down Here

Los Angeles is teeming with some of the most brilliant people in the world, it seems, and soon you’ll be a part of it! Many artists who grow tired of the daily grind in other cities like Chicago or New York move down to sunny, relaxed Los Angeles in hopes to pursue or continue pursuing their dreams. The result is more art, film, music, and culture than you could possibly absorb in a lifetime, let alone a Saturday night in DTLA.

For those who are more academically-oriented, Los Angeles is also home to world-class institutions like UCLA and the University of Southern California, each with a seemingly never-ending list of brilliant faculty. The only brilliant mind missing down here is your own!

Foodies, Rejoice!

Where else can you eat authentic breakfast burritos, Korean BBQ, ramen and gluten-free cupcakes all within the span of a few hours…while it’s 70 degrees outside in February? You just can’t beat Los Angeles for those kinds of things. The ‘food truck’ culture is very prominent in Southern California and even more popular with the bustling craft beer scene.

If you’re more of a fine dining sort of person, even better – you’ll definitely find Michelin Star restaurants in the Los Angeles area and the ritzy suburbs like West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Whatever you’re in the mood to eat, simply pick a certain style of cuisine and give it a quick search on the internet. In Los Angeles, you’ll be getting the very best of what that cuisine has to offer because you deserve the best! It’s not like you’re going to move out here for an inferior quality of living, after all.

Like Sports?

Los Angeles is home to a number of collegiate and professional sports teams – if you enjoy attending live sporting events, then you’ll have plenty of choices living out here in Los Angeles. From the Dodgers MLB team to the L.A. Kings NHL team, Los Angeles also features the L.A. Galaxy as the area’s MLS team chartered in 1996. Oh, and as a bonus, Los Angeles features not one but two NBA teams – the Lakers and the Clippers are crosstown rivals.

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