In our previous blog post, our high-end Beverly Hills real estate business took a look at a few celebrity mansions in California that had either recently gone on sale or recently been purchased. As residents of the greater Los Angeles area ourselves, we embrace the bustling, high energy of the city life, along with the area’s bounty of celebrities and movie stars.

With the concentrated presence of so many famous people living in or around Beverly Hills and the Hollywood areas, beautiful celebrity mansions are constantly being bought and sold, and so we figured that it was only appropriate to continue writing about some of the latest deals in the Southern California celebrity real estate market. To learn more about why Andreas Elsenhans is such a great fit to find your dream house in this kind of real estate market, visit here!

Jeff Bridges

A little while ago, Jeff Bridges sold his sprawling Montecito estate for just shy of $16 million. Though Bridges and his wife, Susan, didn’t nearly get the ambitious $30 million that they listed the property for, the sale still served as a nice profit over the reported $7 million that the actor originally paid for the 19.5-acre property. Interestingly enough, Bridges originally acquired the property from the none other than the legendary smooth artist Kenny Loggins!

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, recently closed a sale totaling $18 million, but the sale represents two combined property sales – and they’re right next door to each other. Indeed, the couple listed two Pacific Palisades homes that a single buyer purchased for just over $17.5 million. Having purchased the two properties for a combined sale of around $13.1 million, it’s safe to say that the couple scored a nice profit on both of these homes.

Julia Roberts

Recently, Julia Roberts acquired her third home in Malibu’s ritzy Point Dume area. What you probably wouldn’t expect is an ordinary ranch house with a patchy yard, an unkempt tree, and one bathroom. That being said, Roberts bought the home for just under $3.9 million in this prime location – at least partially due to the exclusive, uber-private beach access. Whether the home is for personal use, family, friends or workers, we’re sure that the beachside location will be thoroughly appreciated.

Lindsey Buckingham

After buying the property in 2012 for just under $6 million, the Fleetwood Mac guitarist recently sold the Brentwood mansion for a whopping $22.5 million – nothing short of a nice come up. Of course, the resale value lies in a host of renovations, additions and improvements to the property since Buckingham’s initial purchase. Including auxiliary amenities like a library, fitness room, second full kitchen and a screening room, we’re sure that the new occupants are going to thoroughly enjoy this Brentwood spec house.

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